FleetCon 2024

September 16-18, 2024
Galveston Island Convention Center
Galveston, Texas



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Available Summer 2024

Fleet Technician Training

September 17, 2024

One-Day Technician Pass $225

Tuesday Session Includes:
Tuesday Tech Track
Lunch Keynote Speaker
Expo time with 50+ Exhbitors
Refreshments in the Expo Hall
Awards Reception


Tuesday Morning Expo & Breakfast

Get ready to discover the latest and most cutting-edge vehicles, equipment, accessories, and services that are available to fleets! Engage in lively discussions with vendors to identify your specific needs and learn about the amazing solutions they can offer you today!

L1& 2 TECH Electrical System Diagnosis

Today’s Automotive electrical systems have gotten more complex than any of us would ever have dreamed possible. From Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to wireless throttle systems, what we thought was impossible is now parked in everyone’s garage.

While we all enjoy the added amenities of our new vehicles, we still need people that have the ability to diagnose and repair the complex systems that make these vehicles run.

During the course, we will be looking at several topics. Some are basic, while many are more involved.

1. Voltage drop on an electrical system. What this is and how it can help to stop repeat repairs.

2. CAN communication systems on todays vehicles. How they function and what happens when things go wrong.

3. What is needed to diagnose and test a CAN system.

4. What is a LIN network and how does it operate.

5. How do the different networks interact with each other and how is this accomplished?

6. What are the safety measures involved in servicing an EV Vehicle. What components are used and how do we service them safely.

7. Is your shop ready for the EV changeover and what you can anticipate seeing in your shop.

Annual Business Meeting & Lunch

Keynote | Connecting Across Generations: Five Generations at Work
Lisa Walden

Speaker, Author and Consultant
Good Company Consulting

There’s no question that each generation brings a unique perspective into the workplace. Whether it’s embracing emojis in communication, asking for efficiency in meetings, establishing clarity through hierarchy, or demanding more flexible schedules… every generation has left its mark. Unfortunately, lack of generational awareness can make it easy for workplace dynamics to sour. Rather than seeking to understand, we start to point fingers. Communication and collaboration suffer, engagement dips, and leaders find themselves asking “what can I do to keep everyone happy?”

This presentation takes a closer look at each generation to create a deeper understanding of why we all behave the way we do. Through this lens, it offers implementable strategies to improve connection across generational divides.

 Attendee takeaways:

  • Decrypting every generation’s formative years, and how those years inform distinct generational identities
  • Identifying the potential areas for disconnect across generations
  • Spotlight on how the newest generation, gen z, will shake up the workplace

L3 & 4 TECH Advanced Driver Assistance System [ADAS]: What to Know and Prepare For
The ADAS that we currently see in today’s vehicles can be traced back to the 1990’s where Japanese manufacturer’s developed an Adaptive Cruise Control System. Today, we see everything from Adaptive Cruise Control to GPS mapping, to collision avoidance and on and on. The goal of the system, is to eventually have an autonomous vehicle that is much safer than the vehicles of the past, and can help to cut the automotive death rate significantly.

The topics we will cover in the training class will be;

1. History to present -the advancement of the ADAS System.

2. The ability to save lives and protect pedestrians and property with the use of the system.

3. The pros and cons of the systems. The limitations of the present systems.

4. Where the components are located on the vehicle and what their function is. The difference in decision making speed of the human brain versus a ADAS system.

5. How to know when an ADAS system will require a recalibration. The difference between a static calibration and a dynamic calibration.

6. How to inspect the components properly and what kind of damage these components can incur from driving and normal road debris.

7. What will be required to make repairs to the system when needed.

8. How the system communicates on the communication buss of the vehicle with other modules.

While the ADAS system is extremely complicated, the diagnosis process is not that difficult. The components can be tested with many of the higher level scan tool available on the market. The calibration tools required for the different vehicles are where the significant cost lies. Many times, the repair shops will make the necessary repairs and sublet the calibration out to another shop that specializes in the recalibration procedures. The cost of the calibration systems is the reason for this decision. 

Tuesday Afternoon Expo
Get ready to discover the latest and most cutting-edge vehicles, equipment, accessories, and services that are available to fleets! Engage in lively discussions with vendors to identify your specific needs and learn about the amazing solutions they can offer you today!

Awards Reception & Ceremony | Hosted by Sourcewell
Join us for an elegant evening of recognition and celebration at our annual Awards Reception, held on the panoramic upper level of the Galveston Island Convention Center. As the sun sets over the Texas Gulf Coast, casting golden hues across the beach, take in breathtaking views of the beach and surrounding gulf.

Our reception begins with an array of gourmet food stations and libations, setting the stage for an evening of upscale networking and celebration. Mingle with industry professionals, enjoy exquisite flavors, and toast to the accomplishments of your colleagues.

The highlight of the evening is the Awards Ceremony, where we recognize the exceptional talent and dedication of four outstanding leaders within our community. These awards, sponsored by our esteemed FleetPros Partner, Sourcewell, not only honor excellence but also underscore the innovative spirit that drives our industry forward.

  • Outstanding Fleet Member of the Year
  • Fleet Professional of the Year
  • Outstanding Vendor Associate of the Year

Join us for an event that promises not only to recognize but also to inspire.

Enjoy the free evening in Galveston!




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