FleetCon 2024

September 16-18, 2024
Galveston Island Convention Center
Galveston, Texas



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2024 Keynote Speakers

Vince Lorefice   |   Lisa Walden   |   David Carr


Vince Lorefice | Galveston Parks Board
The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It

Join Vince as he delves into the rich tapestry of Galveston's history, from surviving the devastating 1900 Storm—the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history—to the innovative measures now in place to protect its future. Learn about the city's significant contributions to American culture, from being the birthplace of Juneteenth and a central immigration hub (2nd only to Ellis Island) to hosting the inaugural Miss Universe pageant on Galveston's beaches. This session will illuminate how, despite its modest size, Galveston has played a colossal role in shaping the nation. Vince's engaging narrative will honor the past and spotlight the resilient strategies and infrastructure enhancements aimed at safeguarding Galveston against future calamities. Join us to uncover the profound legacy and ongoing evolution of this remarkable island.

Speaker Bio:
Vincent (Vince) P. Lorefice is currently the Executive Director of Coastal Operations for the Galveston Park Board of Trustees. As the Executive Director, Vince oversees 6 destination parks as well as 32 miles of coastline along Galveston Island. Prior to Vince relocating to Galveston Texas in 2021, he was the Town Manager of Wickenburg Arizona. Vince has held many positions over his 23 years in the public sector such as Public Works Director, Internal Services Manager, Facility/Fleet Manager, Fleet Supervisor and Fleet Technician.

Vince is married to Breanne Lorefice and has three children. Hobbies include collecting cars, coaching baseball and taking long walks on the beach.

Vince studied Automotive Technology at Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ before opening V&B Motorsport in 2000. Vince is a Certified Public Management (CPM) through Arizona State University and has completed the Public Sector Leadership program through Cornell University. Vince is currently studying to become a Certified Coastal Practitioner through ASBPA.  

Connection to FleetPros

Vince joined Rocky Mountain Fleet Management Association in 2001, in 2004 Vince received the Fleet Manager of the Year award at the annual conference in Reno. From 2005 through 2011 Vince managed the AZ Chapter scholarship program before becoming the AZ Chapter Vice Chair from 2012-2013 then Chapter Chair 2014-2015. In 2015 Vince was elected to the National Board as President Elect, he then served as National President in 2016 and 2017. Vince was part of the leadership group that rebranded the annual conference to FleetCon, transitioned the association to the new name of Fleet Professional Association (FleetPros), and hired MDS as the association management firm. In 2019 FleetPros honored Vince as an Honorary Lifetime Member.   

Lisa Walden | Good Company Consulting
Connecting Across Generations:  Five Generations at Work

There’s no question that each generation brings a unique perspective into the workplace. Whether it’s embracing emojis in communication, asking for efficiency in meetings, establishing clarity through hierarchy, or demanding more flexible schedules… every generation has left its mark. Unfortunately, lack of generational awareness can make it easy for workplace dynamics to sour. Rather than seeking to understand, we start to point fingers. Communication and collaboration suffer, engagement dips, and leaders find themselves asking “what can I do to keep everyone happy?”

This presentation takes a closer look at each generation to create a deeper understanding of why we all behave the way we do. Through this lens, it offers implementable strategies to improve connection across generational divides.

Attendee takeaways:

  • Decrypting every generation’s formative years, and how those years inform distinct generational identities
  • Identifying the potential areas for disconnect across generations
  • Spotlight on how the newest generation, gen z, will shake up the workplace

Speaker Bio:
Lisa X Walden is a speaker, author, and consultant dedicated to helping people create authentic, empowering workplaces that don't inspire the dreaded Sunday scaries. As co-founder of Good Company Consulting, she's delivered her message to organizations across the globe and strives to create deep mindset shifts that help people better collaborate, communicate, and prepare for the workplace of the future. Lisa is co-author of Managing Millennials for Dummies, and is currently wrapping up her next book, The Future is Human: How the Pandemic Made the Case for People-First Workplaces.


David Carr | Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Sustainability in Texas: Cap Metro's Project

The foundation for the future of Austin's mobility is being created now. Breaking a 12-year streak as the country's fastest-growing large metro area, Austin and its surrounding communities slipped into second place between 2022 and 2023. This growth is being mirrored in the growth and expansion of CapMetro.   Rail, transit, micro-transit, paratransit, and last mile (bikes and scooters) are all being expanded to confront the challenges of traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions impacting our climate.  CapMetro is uniquely positioned to provide environmental leadership and stewardship through thoughtful and deliberate fleet management decisions.  Fleet managers, too, are uniquely positioned to provide the same thoughtful, deliberate, and responsible leadership for their entity or agency.  The tool kit you need today is not too different from the one you have used in the past, and today, we will explore what approach, tools, and knowledge you will need to lead your fleet into the future.

Over the horizon - What the future has in store for zero emission fuels for fleets

Fleet Mangers Tool kit.
Defining zero emission

What is zero emissions?

Practical vs. political
Costs and source of funding – how to pay for it

Critical success factors

Responsible innovation and business acumen

New skills

Change management

Technology - Technology of choice – when and what
               Workforce development – Transformational - Training academy

Energy management

This presentation will take a closer look at the technology available today.

               Battery Electric
               Hydrogen Fuel Cell

​​​​​​— Understand challenges facing the transition to zero emissions
— Understand what the tools are needed to plan
— Understand differences in electric bus platforms (BEB vs H2 vs hybrids)

Speaker Bio:
David Carr has over 20 years of experience in transit and university transportation management. Highlights of his career including deploying electric buses and infrastructure at RTC in Reno Nevada from 2014 to 2022, as well as working as an Assistant Director of Transportation Services at the University of Washington and Duke University. Currently is the Director, Zero Emission Vehicle Program at CapMetro in Austin Texas where he leads the efforts to deploy 104 battery electric buses and 164 charger connections towards reaching our goal of a 100% zero emissions fleet by 2040. He is also leading projects on autonomous vehicle research, development of a supporting microgrid and a hydrogen fuel cell bus pilot project.  He graduated from Cal State LA with a degree in business administration. Currently serving on the Zero Emission Bus Resource Association (ZEBRA) Executive Board, APTA Zero Emissions Fleet Committee, and has served in APTA as the Chair of the Electric Bus Subcommittee.




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