FleetCon 2020

August 24 - 26, 2020
Embassy Suites
Loveland Hotel & Conference Center, Loveland, CO

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Preconference   //   Leadership Academy

Monday, August 24, 2020
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Dr. Dallas Everhart, Ph.D., MBA

**Please Note:  There must be a minimum of 16 registrations to hold this class.**


Preconference Session 3:  Leadership Academy 

The FleetPros Leadership Academy is a high quality, college-level, proven program that meets the emerging needs of managers and leaders.  The four-class certification program covers the most important elements of success including communications, critical thinking, teamwork (micro and macro persective) management and leadership.  It has been designed for busy working professionals who do not have to invest a considerable time commitment in order to complete.  Four classes also provide enough time to make significant and sustainable impact between classes.

The format for delivery of this program is simple:  the first class commences with this session at FleetCon 2020.  Classes two and three are delivered online in November and March.  The fourth class will be held at FleetCon 2021.


Class Sessions Class Objectives
Class 1
Communications – Ongoing Priority
  • Models for Learning
  • The “You View”
  • High and Low Context Cultures
  • Lessons Learned

Critical Thinking – Ongoing Priority
  • Learning, Leading, Teaching lead a new outcome
    • Creativity to Innovation
  • Analysis – accurate perception
  • Evaluation – professional courage to identify options
  • Creativity – new outcomes

Culture – Ongoing Priority
  • Define Culture
  • Humans are Creatures of Habit
    • Rote Learning vs. Cognitive Learning
  • Creating a future of your own making
  • Vision and Values
  • Emerging leaders can deconstruct the model of communications
    1. Improve your understanding of how you like to communicate
    2. Recognize the different options that exists
    3. Respect other people’s preferences
    4. Become a better listener
    5. Become a better sender
    6. Listen for the purpose of learning
  • Identify and define the steps in Critical Thinking following Bloom’s taxonomy
    1. Develop a rich and meaningful definition of critical concepts
    2. Recognize what concepts may be similar, why they are similar and why are they different.
  • Use Critical Thinking to develop a deeper understanding of Leadership and Culture including your definition and how you use this knowledge to improve culture
Class 2
Personal Humility and Culture (We reinforce the importance of culture)
  • Able to undertake brutal self-assessment and achieve self-improvement
  • Commits to on-going learning and skill enhancement
  • Balance personal ambition with organizational success
  • Mentors successors for even greater success
  • Engages in succession planning
  • Understand that your perspective is a result of your own education and experience
  • Recognize the value of identifying where you developed your perspective and how it may be different from others.
  • Learn to understand others if you want to be understood
  • Develop skills that will encourage others to support a new future for the organization
Class 3
Innovation and Risk Taking
  • Inspires and rewards innovation and prudent risk-taking
  • Demonstrates innovation leading to creative practices, higher efficiency, and maximized effectiveness
  • Exhibits calculated risk-taking and develops this skill in work team
  • Ensures “mistakes” become “teachable moments”
  • Creates a learning culture where employees are encouraged to collaborate organization-wide
  •  Innovation is the sustainable implementation of creativity, leaders inspire creativity.
  • Leaders take risk based on preparation, knowledge, education and experience
  • The organizational culture allows failure as a learning experience
  • Inspire and support cross functional teams
  •  Recognize that we have two topics and they are strategically connected
Class 4 / Capstone
Exceptional Communications
  • Proactively, effectively, and appropriately communicates with all stakeholders
  • Exhibits advanced active listening skills
  • Practices advanced oral and written communications skills
  • Builds consensus through facilitation
  • Gives feedback kindly and receives feedback gracefully
  • Adapts communications style to effectively address varying situation
  • Ensures results-driven meetings
Constructive Relationships
  • Builds internal and external relationship that incorporate appropriate inclusive decision-making
  • Seeks ways to build bridges and ensure collaboration
  • Values employee participation and encourages high-performing teams
  • Strives to eliminate destructive behaviors in the workplace
  • Promptly addresses conflict through advanced conflict resolution skills
  • Provides ongoing performance feedback in a caring, straightforward, helpful manner
  • Use mind mapping to identify elements of Exceptional Communications
  • Conflict Management – TKI
  • Story telling
  • Emotional Intelligence

The cost for the program will be $1225.  This includes instruction for 4 classes - 2 of which are held at FleetCon.  Registrants are committing to attending 2 FleetCons in a row to finish the class.  No cancellations will be accepted after August 1, 2020.  No refunds will be provided after this date.  We will need a minimum of 16 signups to hold the class. 

About the instructor:
Dr. Dallas Everhart, Ph.D., MBA, Everhart + Associates

Dallas Everhart received his BA and MBA from Western State College and Ph.D. from the University of Northern Colorado. His career is a blend of consulting, business owner, local government and higher education with positions in leadership, management, and finance. During his career, Dr. Everhart has consistently integrated innovative leadership and management theory with practical application to build teams, improve organizational performance, and increase employee productivity.

With degrees in business, psychology, management and education, Dallas has the unique ability to frame issues from both an individual and organizational perspective. Using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, Dallas has a successful record of identifying opportunities for public and private organizations to improve individual and team performance.

Dallas has worked as a finance director and city manager in local government, executive director in higher education, and owned and restored profitability to a multimillion-dollar business. His experience and client projects are diverse; ranging from implementing employee productivity programs in coals mines in Canada to working in city management in resort communities in Colorado including Aspen and Summit County.



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