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FleetCon 2024 Call for Speakers is Now Open
FleetCon is the fleet education event for all fleet personnel, suppliers, and all types of fleets. Our annual event combines education, networking, and introductions to new technologies, innovations, and solutions. 

During the conference we offer Learning Sessions for attendees.  These Learning Sessions are intended to provide attendees with opportunities for professional development, for exploration of new solutions to challenges new and old, for meaningful conversation on key topics relevant in the industry, and for learning about new and emerging products and technologies.  Are you interested in presenting and leading one of the Learning Sessions at FleetCon 2024?

To assist you in writing your proposal, we have prepared submission guidelines for the Conference & Exposition. View or print a copy of the guidelines HERE and use the information to prepare your submission. You may submit up to two (2) proposals; however, each much be done separately.
Please click here to view the RFP questions prior to starting your submission.  Proposals cannot be edited once submitted and incomplete submissions will not be considered. Use this document for reference only as all proposals must be submitted online by January 9, 2024.
FleetPros encourages a wide range of speakers to submit proposals from different backgrounds and perspectives.  Creating a robust agenda at FleetCon 2024 will not only provide attendees with a well-rounded educational experience but also foster an environment that encourages networking, learning, and the exchange of innovative ideas within the fleet industry. It is important to showcase different voices and perspectives to address various challenges, opportunities, and advancements in the field.

Tips for completing a successful proposal:
  1. Please submit on time and prior to the published deadline.  The judging panel will need adequate time to review and evaluate all submissions.  
  2. Be thorough and stay within the guidelines provided.  Judging of submitted proposals will be based on the established parameters and conference theme.
  3. Share previous presentations or slides.  Prior presentations will assist the judging panel in evaluting your submitted proposal.
By the end of February, you will receive notification of the status of your proposal. Please do not contact FleetPros before the end of February since the speaker committee reviews will not be concluded before then.
Thank you, and good luck with your submission(s).
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