• FleetPros Professional of the Year

Nominations Open: June 2019
Nominations Close: August 1, 2019

​This award is granted to a Fleet Professional whose organization belongs to FleetPros and has brought about a significant advance in the management OR operation of the fleet. Such achievements may be productivity, quality, service, innovation, community service, and/or employee development. It can be in the areas of new methods, tools, record keeping, O&M, equipment, facilities or procedures. THE NOMINEE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN MANAGEMENT. 

Recipients of the award will be announced and recognized at the Awards Ceremony at FleetCon each year. In addition to the recognition, the winners FleetPros Chapter will also receive a grant for training in the amount of $1500.

To Submit A Nominee

Please select the nominations open button below and describe the achievements of the nominee.  Be specific and include as much detail as possible.  The more supporting information received, the better the cadidate can be evaluated. 

You may nominate a member within your agency, from another agency, or you may nominate yourself.  Nominationas can come from all levels and job descriptions within the area of Fleet Management.

2018     Terry Kader, City of Denton, Texas Chapter
2017     Jeff Langmacher, City & County of Denver, Colorado Chapter

2016     Mike DePaulo, City of Buckeye, Arizona Chapter
2015     Edmond Yelle, City of Wichita Falls, Texas Chapter
2014    Terry Kader, City of Denton, Texas Chapter
2013     Rick Longobart, City of Santa Ana, Texas Chapter
2012     Wayne Corum, City of Fort Worth, Texas Chapter
2011     None awarded
2010     Byron Browning, Coconino County, Arizona Chapter
2009     Nat Matsuda, Maricopa County, Arizona Chapter
​2008     Israel Garza, Salt River Project, Arizona Chapter