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The CAFS program is a stepping stone to the CAFM designation. The CAFS program allows candidates to customize their learning in accordance with their needs. You can choose four (4) of the eight discliplines below:
  1. Asset Management
  2. Fleet Information Management
  3. Maintenance Management
  4. Professional Development
  5. Business Management
  6. Financial Management
  7. Risk Management
  8. Vehicle Fuel Management

Successful completion of four (4) of the above discliplines will earn the candidate the designation of Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist (CAFS). 


Members: $500
​Non-members: $750


Initial registration in the CAFS program is for two (2) years. Candidates are expected to pass all four (4) disciplines within two years of enrollment. Candidates in the in the CAFS program may request up to one (1) one-year extension if they are actively testing within the prior year.


Participants must pass the designated number of exams in order to be certified. To earn the CAFS designation, participants must pass four exams. Individuals may register to take as many or as few exams as they would like during an exam sitting. Participants have two years to take and pass the required number of exams. Participants may register and pay for exams as they are ready to take such exams. Participants must pre-register and pay for exams; walk-ins are not accepted.

Meeting fee for such exam sitting is $200.

The Certification Program has partnered with Computer Assisted Testing Service, Inc (Comira) to offer computer-based testing. Comira offers hundreds of test center locations which should allow more convenient options for participants. Students will benefit by having the ability to choose when to test and by receiving real-time exam results. Paper based testing will continue to be available at industry events and for students outside the limits of a Comira testing center.


In order to keep the CAFS designation and to ensure the continuing education of those with the designation, the program requires recertification every five years. All CAFS graduates receive information about all recertification requirements immediately following graduation. They will be given a recertification package to help keep track of their activities.


The program is open to any indivdual with at least one year experience in any fleet related position, as well as those enrolled in a college or university program in a fleet related discipline.


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